Changes in the wind…

I’ve been silent on this forum as I concentrated on building my business.  The learning experiences have not stopped.  I’ve started blogging at  Feel free to check it out and subscribe there if you wish.

My friends get after me all the time because I start doing new things and don’t talk about them. I began offering customized one on one work and wanted to forward you the short description. Please keep it in mind in case you or anyone you might run across is interested in making profound, deep changes.  I’m scheduling freebie healings as a first step to make sure I’d be a good fit for anyone interested.

Every animal I have worked with has made it very clear that they are in our lives to help us learn and evolve.  Almost every issue an animal companion faces mirrors a similar struggle their human is facing.  Animal communication is one tool I use in healing work, but there are several other tools in my kit.  This year, I’m expanding my business to work one on one with a select few people to help them identify and transcend their limitations so they can live more authentic, radically honest and joyful lives.

My clients are brave, badass, spiritually awakening, intuitive trailblazers and independent thinkers who are tired of settling for less than 100% of what they want from life. They’re ready to unleash their magic into the world. They are ballsy, successful men and women who have worked ridiculously hard to build their rich lives, often by utilizing someone else’s cookie cutter formulas. And yet, there are still struggles- so they seek answers. They are tired of everything being so HARD.

My clients are weary of chasing the illusion of security through the wrong job, the wrong relationships, or obtaining STUFF; they want MORE. They may unconsciously be sabotaging themselves or want a deeper way to connect with self and others. They may feel isolated or relentlessly driven by perfectionism. They want even more passion, FUN, love, peace, freedom, joy, connection, or authentic intimacy. Want to become more comfortable in your own skin as you walk confidently and gently into your own power? I can help you with that.

This one on one work is 100% customizable and will include energy work, shamanic healing sessions, fire painting, messages from animals, and intuitive guidance- WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU!!   Distance is no issue; I work with people all over the country.

If this speaks to you, touches your heart, or ignites a fire in your belly, I want to hear from you. This is deep work requiring commitment of time, effort and resources. If you think it might be for you, please contact me so we can set aside some time (free of charge) to talk about possibilities.


~ by dancingwiththeshadow on February 4, 2014.

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