Oh boy

I committed to blog every day in the month of November.  I’m wondering if I’ve lost my mind.  If I have a lovely tranquil morning, I can post before I start my day.  It worked great for a few days.

The past two days morphed into  this giant, sucking vortex that has stolen all my “me” time.  W the absolute F….

I can barely keep my eyes open and it’s only 9:30pm.  I wonder if yesterday’s post even made any sense.  I don’t think I proofread it.  It was a total stream of consciousness kind of thing.  Kind of like right now.  I can usually find SOMETHING to say, but I find myself running out of words and being too tired to give a fuck about anything except the underside of my comforter.

I feel like I’m five again and can’t keep my eyes open in the car on the way home from grandma’s house.  I am so excited about the many wonderful things happening in my life right now, but I couldn’t list them if my life depended on it.  In the past, I would drink some coffee thing or eat a bunch of sugar and enter that manic state that enabled me to be profound.  Not anymore.  I’m going to try to give my body what it needs and crash.  Check back tomorrow, and I promise to be so profound I might make your eyeballs bleed from the sheer joy of reading my amazing opinions about something that I care about very deeply.  What that something might be, I have no idea.  It will be a lovely surprise for both of us.


~ by dancingwiththeshadow on November 8, 2012.

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