Dealing with darkness

I sometimes forget that other people don’t share my gifts. I’m extremely intuitive with both animals and people, so I need to “shut things down” and reduce the amount of stimuli I get on a daily basis.  I have to protect myself from my own perceptions if I want to function.  When I meet someone new, I sometimes meet their dark nature first. That’s just where my perception goes- to the parts that they are most desperately trying to hide. That first impression of someone else’s hidden nature can show up before I can draw the curtains on it.

It’s not polite, professional or ethical to go poking around in people’s heads without permission.  I never do it intentionally.  I’ve had to learn psychic manners.  I’ve also become more comfortable in my own skin and with doing shadow work.   I have occasionally caught a glimpse of something seriously and dangerously dysfunctional.  I’m glad that doesn’t happen often.  True dark energy might make me a little uncomfortable, but I forget that it can really freak other people out.

My normal is not really anyone else’s normal.  Big surprise there, eh?

I guess I don’t mind working with the darkness because it no longer scares me.  I don’t judge it anymore; it makes me curious.  I wonder what’s underneath those less socially acceptable “not nice” impulses.  In my quest to understand my own emotional nature, I dig deeply into the nature of humans.  I accept the anger, fear, trauma, and pain as a valid part of a being’s experience. I don’t shy away or cover my eyes from the terrible things that people have the potential to do.

When I work with animals, I get an even bigger dose of reality.  Humans lost in their dark nature can do horrible things to animals.  An important part of helping an animal heal from trauma is to give their stories a voice.  It’s not fun to see or feel or describe an animal being thrown out of a moving car, set on fire or beaten by a human.    I often have to interpret these things for sensitive, well-meaning people who can be traumatized by my very words.  I try to relate these things as matter-of-factly as possible, and it might come across as blase.  Please don’t ever feel like I’m not affected.  I have sometimes hung up the phone or come home after an event to weep for the wounded ones in the fur of my own companion animals.   While I don’t hold onto this energy, I do feel it as it slams its way through me.

I am a lightworker.  I know many other lightworkers, and most of them are uncomfortable doing shadow work.  I have a unique set of talents that enable me to come through the telling of these stories relatively unscathed.  I’m a very strong and sensitive individual.  There are days I wish I didn’t have my “gifts.”  I do, however, feel this is my calling.  I CAN do this work and therefore have an obligation to illuminate the dark corners and drag those dark stories into the light so their power can fade.


~ by dancingwiththeshadow on November 7, 2012.

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