The undisputable power of sexy underwear

I did something last week that I feel a little conflicted about.


First, I have to talk for a moment about the concept of sexy underwear.  For some reason, I hate the word “panties.”  It makes me cringe.  But everybody out there knows which items in your underwear drawer are sexy and which are not.  Our partners wish we’d wear more of it, and most women know that when we wear it, things CHANGE.  The comfy cotton everyday stuff  is not inherently sexy.  It’s comfortable, and it gets the job done.  Unless you are already super sexy yourself, this underwear isn’t liable to make any hearts race.  Then there are the items made of special slinky fabrics.  The ones that may be lacy or wispy and just hint at the idea of being there at all.  Or, God forbid, the dreaded thong (also known as “butt floss”).  When a woman chooses to wear sexy underwear, it can change her whole outlook.  (Butt floss can do this literally) It makes you FEEL desirable and special and vivacious and a little more glamorous.  For those of us that get stuck sometimes on the functionality of life, sexy underwear can shake things up and stir up passion and enthusiasm for any number of things.  It’s like magic.


I envy women who can pull this off every day.  I find the power and phenomenon of sexy underwear to be something I can only indulge in under certain circumstances.  Historically, only when someone else will see it and I’m in the mood to flaunt.  It’s just too powerful.   Since I’m not currently in a relationship, what sexy underwear I own is shoved to the back of the drawer in a tumbled pile, patiently waiting for me to choose to feel more alive again.  Ever try to fold sexy underwear?  There’s not really enough if it, and the activity is kind of an exercise in futility.


I haven’t had a sexy underwear day in a long time.  I don’t feel particularly sexy these days.  My life is rolling along with obligations, to do lists and demands on my time.  I frankly have little time for sexy.  But sexy underwear has some comic book hero-type power.  I know this because I experienced it when I ran out of clean laundry last week.


It’s very sad to confess to this.  But I HAD to wear sexy underwear, because it was the only option that was clean.  I have never in my life mustered sufficient bravado to go commando.  I was shocked and appalled that I had none of my regular, old faithful cotton stuff available.  I went thru the pile to find the least sexy pair of panties (cringe) I own.  I pulled everything out of the drawer to make sure I didn’t have one last pair of functional skivvies hiding under the jumbled pile, dreaming of being something more while hanging out with the cool underwear.  I rolled my eyes at what I was about to do, and then got dressed.


And everything changed.  I did not feel sexy, per se.  I did feel energized and more alive.  I felt vivacious and confident and more THERE.  Wearing the sexy underwear just made me feel more ME.  More passionate, creative and alive.  Everything felt brighter and clearer.  It was a little unsettling until I asked myself why I waited so long.  Why wait until I’m in another relationship to feel this way?  Why should the focus be on feeling “sexy” only if there is another person around who’s aware of what I’m wearing?  I want to feel this way for ME, not for me in relation to someone else.   And if I can do it simply by donning some sexy underwear, there’s no reason to wait.  I can declare every day a Sexy Underwear Day!  How long has it been since you donned the sexy underwear just for you?    Give it a try.  I think you’ll like it.


~ by dancingwiththeshadow on November 5, 2012.

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