Speaking of rising up from the ashes…


I wish I knew how to link to this online article in a nice, neat, fancy and impressive way, but I don’t.  Dammit.  Copy and paste it and read the article, then come back here and check out this post.  My lack of computer linkage skills strikes again, and I don’t have the patience to deal with my screwed up learning curve today.    I want to get on with my life today, not spend 7 hours trying to figure out code and links and all sorts of other shit I don’t really care about.  I want to focus on people and how cool they can be.

WE’RE SO FORTUNATE TO LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY.  We take for granted that our lifestyle will never change- that we will always be able to catch a bus or flip on a light switch.  It is really incredible to see examples of our modern cultural shallow pettiness put aside as people pull together.  We were NOT the only country affected by Sandy.  But I think many of us live in a bubble, thinking nothing bad can happen to us in the land of privilege and freedom. Our attitude can make it difficult to accept when we are at the mercy of something outside our control.

I fall victim to erroneous thinking about this control stuff.  I am certainly a master of my destiny to an extent.  I can manifest great things in my life and have done so many times.  I create my own reality by controlling the only thing I can- my reaction to whatever is happening around me.  My attitude.  My actions.  I cannot, however, control the weather.

For awhile, I thought I was the Typhoid Mary of Vacations.  Every time I planned a trip, the elements followed me.  I went on a Caribbean cruise in the middle of Hurricane Rita.  Our itinerary was a surprise, since we couldn’t go to any of the islands that were being ravaged by the storm.  That huge boat was ROCKING in the ocean- I cannot even fathom the strength of the ocean and the energy required to make that happen.  I have gone camping with friends and found myself in the midst of Big Bend’s 60 mile an hour winds, 27 degree nights and a landlocked typhoon-like thunderstorm in Palo Duro Canyon.  I am no stranger to tornadoes, having grown up fleeing to the basement every time the sky turned green and the temperature suddenly dropped 20 degrees.  Even my choice of living arrangements has sometimes thrown me into the awesome effects of mother nature.  I lived in Northern California for two years and was at Stanford when the 1989 earthquake swallowed the Bay Bridge into the bay.  Mother Earth groaned and shook for two weeks afterward, and I had to take seasick medication to walk around outside.

And during every one of these events, people banded together.  We are survivors.  When the chips are down, we humans have the ability to set aside our differences and work together.  We have compassion and a strong survival spirit coded into our DNA.  People amaze me with their shallowness and stupidity during good times.  People also amaze me with their heart, courage and generosity during bad times.  This human experience is a wild ride.  We spiritual beings are so lucky to be on this particular merry-go-round.

Today, I send positive healing energy to the people who were negatively affected by Hurricane Sandy.  May we all focus on what is truly important as we send up our prayers to Source that things work out for everyone according to the Master Plan for the greatest good.


~ by dancingwiththeshadow on November 2, 2012.

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